Molly's Dream

What dream does Molly have?
Molly's dream is to be like Mrs.simmons, skilled, inteligent and run her own business.Also she wanted her own house in the village with ponds, ducks, and geese.

What will she need to do to make her dream come true?
She needs to work really hard for Mrs.Simmons and save some money each month in order to own and run her own business.

A New Kind of Freedom

What convinced Johann to go to America?
Because of the fever they have to move to the wilderness America, and it would be the place in the world that had a new freedom: freedom for all people to worship as they pleased and he would recieve 50 acres's.

How did he feel about the decision later?
Johann felt good about his decision moving to America, and he knew that it is going to be a good place to stay.

Essintial Questions

1.Why do people move? Because people have many reasons, like some of them move for better shelter like people who live there and better clothes, and they don't want to be too poor like people right now living in the roads and streets, and they also want better food.

2.Why do people don't speak, think and act the same way we do? Because people are from another place in this planet and they also act different, because they have different languages they speak, and they also think differently because they're from another place in the world like for example, they might believe that aliens are going to come to earth and also invade earth.


Why do people move, or, what do we do when other people don't think,act, or speak the same way we do?

Because they move to have better life, have a better place to stay, and stay away from war.

I think they will get into trouble if they don't leave their home country.

I think we should draw pictures or do hand signs so they need to study english, and they need to study english so then they can speak the same way as we do.