Rouge's Journal

I am a farmer, I just plant and harvest all day long, and just doing the same old routine everyday. The tools I use are, shovels, rakes, axes, also a watering pot for watering plant. I got other more stuff to do for farming. My name is Rouge, I am twenty years old, I had experienced a lot for farming, nothing surprises me except for the New World, I live by myself with nobody to me. I don't like any ship's coming and people on land turned to slaves but, I may want to go to the New World. Most likely, no, I don't want to. Because I may die, get homesick and seasick, even boredom and most likely hunger.

I was afraid to die, and it might go through storms and might go overboard. It was the time to leave and the people had to check if no one is left behind I tried to hide but, I got found and forced me to board on the Mayflower. On board, people got sick by hunger, and I'm lucky because I got a lot of food for myself, I always try to eat it secretly so no one will ask me for food. I always succeed, and I'm so lucky! One month later, I was almost running out of food, and still no one even noticed that I was eating secretly. Later on somebody shouted, "Hey! Look! I see land! We're saved!" "Yeah!" "Oh! No! We're not! we can't just go there, the wind has to direct us there!" said the captain "Aw!" said the everybody on the ship except for me. Then later on a storm came out of nowhere and knocked us down in a direct hit! That is on my list, and my list are the stuff I'm afraid of. After the second month, I got on the New World, I'm alive!

Finally I was off the Mayflower and I was feeling a bit...queasy and totally famished because I just finished all my food, and also all dirty, well not exactly all dirty but, of course I was dirty. I was so relieved that the storm had already passed by and now, and I need a new place to stay. I'm totally going to find a good place for me to stay, where is nice and quiet. I was finding a place to stay and build my home. Later on I found a good place to stay, and went off to find a carpenter to make one for me. I was sleeping, and thought about when I got off the Mayflower, I was the first one to get off, and eventually I wanted to strangle the captain and go back where we had come from but, I had no strength, because I was totally famished when I got off, so that's why I couldn't strangle him.

Now I'm in my house and already finished and I'm back to my business and I'm still in my colony, I'm pretty sure that everyone is fine in this New World. I was sad and I wanted to go back to England, I remembered that I wanted to go and strangle the Captain but, I decide to save up my energy and later when I'm not tired and I meet him, I will strangle him whenever I want to. Later in the afternoon, I looked out and food was good, and I'm also pretty sure that the sanitation and the food of the colony is pretty good. I was worried about a challenge, the challenge was coming up for who will be the best farmer on the New World, I wonder if it was going to be me or a friend of mine. I'm not so sure. I was successful for my farming and my business was pretty good, in all doing good trades and I might survive in the winter in the New World, I really hope so.

My conditions in the colony didn't really change just yet, but it may change sooner or later in the last two weeks. I was thinking what will it be when I was back in England, I think I will be doing really great back there, and I miss all my stuff that I had left behind. I wish I could go back and bring stuff from here and bring it back to England, but I knew there was no jobs there since I knew that there were plenty farmers back in England. There was no problems with colony yet and everything was going just fine, but if it is a really bad one like a sickness. I will move to another place far, far, away from my colony, but I will still be in the New World. Sooner or later there will be one. Their was once an argument between the Natives and us, and they don't like us to be here, so later they might want to kill us. I don't have a family, I live by myself. No one is around me to help with my farming, growing, harvesting with my poor dear plants. Not even a indentured servant, they're not around me at all.

The conditions in the colony had changed in the following days and months, people are arguing that they don't have enough food and other problems. They don't have enough things to trade. I still do the same routine everyday and it is getting pretty boring, except if you just keep on trading good trades. If you keep on doing trades the it really gets boring and you really want to stop badly but, you have to, if you really want to live through the winter. I had found success in my wonderful occupation, I am really happy with my occupation, because I get to keep most of the food I harvest, so I can survive through the winter! TEE HEE!

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